August 2017

  • Filmed role of Secretary of Defense in the new NBC TV show, "The Brave", starring Anne Heche. Scheduled to air on Oct 23

  • Filmed Supporting role of a Store Keeper in the Feature Film, "Ten Cent Daisy"

  • Continued Private Coaching actors for auditions

  • Auditioned (three different times, five different roles!) for the film "Backseat", starring Christian Bale, Steve Carrel, and Amy Adams

  • Auditioned for the Soap Opera, "The Bold and The Beautiful"

  • Auditioned for the NBC TV show "This Is Us"

  • Auditioned for the Feature Film, "Roped"

  • Auditioned for and callback for an "Amazon" commercial

  • Auditioned for the TV Mini Series, "Law and Order True Crime: Menendez", starring Edie Falco

  • Officiated a wedding at Lake Tahoe!

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